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Sometimes it takes very little to make a big difference to someone else.


Anonymous said: Okay, you just got me very interested about this poly relationship misha stuff. The thing is I have not read the book and I live in a country where shipping the book would cost me a great deal for a book, so yeah can't really afford it. Anyway, can you care to tell me about it? Like what vicki said in the book about misha's relationship with another woman? Thanks in advance!

I actually posted quite a few pictures from the book. Err - not safe for work exactly? This is what it said about Misha: 

I’m a relatively attractive chick. I wear nerdy glasses and spend a lot of time in libraries. I’ve had nothing surgically improved. I’ve never flashed a Girls Gone Wild video crew. I’m even married to my high school sweetheart. For most of my life, I’ve been somewhat of a square.

But, everyone’s got a kinky side. And a few years ago, my husband and I started talking about having a threesome with another woman. The more we talked about it, the better it sounded, but when we were finally ready to try a three-way, we didn’t have a clue about how to turn the fantasy into a reality. […]

I’ve also conducted grueling personal research - testing three-way pickup lines at bars, clubs, and cuddle parties; participating in threesomes of various gender and sexuality combinations; and delving into a long-term threesome relationship so serious it involved diamonds and trips to Europe. […]

One night, my husband and I were at my best friend’s apartment. After a few cosmopolitans and a game of truth or dare, we all ended up in bed together. And, the sex was so sensational that we started meeting for weekend trysts. One afternoon, I caught myself in the garden collecting wild butterflies for her. What the fuck? I realized that I had fallen in love with my best friend. As it turned out: my husband had too. Suddenly, it was a lot to juggle. He and I were still in love with each other. I loved them both, they loved each other, and they both loved me. The scenario was exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

The book doesn’t mention Vicki’s husband Misha much; like, this is almost every mention right here, so do not buy the book for that. It’s not a book about Misha. It’s a book about about Abraham Lincoln being gay



I am running around SDCC and some guy comes up to me when I’m looking away and asks if he can take a photo with me.  I start to say “of course!” and realize it’s Misha Collins.  What comes out is a very garbled “Oh my god.”  I was (I think) super cool in his photos and stayed in character for the pics, but when his bodyguard had my phone for photos, I let my true emotions show.  You’ll note the first two photos are blurry, I’m not sure if that’s the bodyguard’s fault or the fact that I was so excited my vibrations threw off the auto focus.


Misha’s twitter - 26 July 2014


Misha’s twitter: 26 July 2014

Follow up to this tweet. Fan is probably dressed as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.


Misha’s Twitter - 26 July 2014


Misha’s twitter - 26 Jul 2014

(I don’t know who this guy is; can anyone ID him?)


Misha’s Twitter - 26 Jul 2014


Anonymous said: Different anon. Have you read Vicki's book? She's hilarious. It was written in 2007 so it was way before West and Maison.. I'm wondering if that's either cooled off or on pause until the kids are older? I mean, that would be a lot for a little kid to understand, but idk. Not like we'll ever know! She only mentioned one ACTUAL poly relationship of theirs in the book that happened years before, but most was just geared towards threesomes rather than relationships.

Yes! I own a copy of it. It was much funnier than I was anticipating, and I heartily recommend it for anyone who is curious about threesomes.

I was just joking about the wedding ring (Misha seems to lose his rings a lot). Though they may not have always been exclusive, that doesn’t mean that they’re in an open relationship at this moment

And it’s like Misha told Larry King …

Larry King: So you have a wife where your wife is okay with another woman coming to the house?

Misha: She, intermittently, she has been, at times, and at other times (laughs), she has not been. 

Larry King: Where is the current situation?

Misha: The current situation is, “Change the diapers.” 

Edit: Let me clarify: Vicki mentioned taking part in threesomes with several different individuals, and she also mentioned one serious poly relationship involving her husband and another woman.