powerfulweak said: Regarding the Fan Mail address question: when I was browsing through the website for Chicon, they had a bit about how (paraphrasing) "Please don't bring gifts to J2M; we don't have room." They had this address for Misha: 1920 N. Hillhurst #170 Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Thanks for the info!


themeisalie said: hi, i've noticed that misha goes pigeon-toed sometimes especially when he's sitting or standing (not so much with walking). have you noticed as well? wondering if anyone knows if it's natural or if maybe it's from an old injury (either way it's adorable, makes him look like a little kid). btw i LOVELOVELOVE your blog!! your misha pics always make me smile.

I once heard from a message therapist that he has a "chronic ankle sprain in his left foot that’s been tugging on his IT Band,” so maybe that makes one of his feet turn in a little? 


Anonymous said: who else would it be other than Vicki, though? i mean, that was obviously taken on their family trip.

People visit friends on family trips. And somebody had to take the picture; the kids are too young to help.

Well, now they’re just mocking us.

Anonymous said: That IS Vicki in the MJL picture, right??

I have no clue.

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Anonymous said: Hi, I was just wondering if you think its a good idea for me to apply for a Gisholarship. I feel really bad incase I'm taking someones spot who generally cannot pay the $20 but Ive been trying to get money for 2 weeks and i only have $10 and theres two days left. What should I do?

Honestly, I think that if you don’t have $20 to spare, then you probably will have a lot of trouble paying for the supplies necessary to play GISHWHES. I’d recommend that you look at previous years’ lists and ask yourself if you will really be able to participate with your budget.

And yes, I know that Misha says that you can scrounge or borrow most of the supplies necessary, and they do include a wide variety of items, but ultimately, GISHWHES isn’t for everyone. 

Edit: I was speaking from my own experience, but some people have responded that they had a positive time with GISHWHES despite being poor. Please check out ceirdwenfc, KJ, Zoe, and Taylor's responses to get some different takes on the issue! 


mychemicallovegood said: Hello there my dear, I was wondering if you would happen to know if Misha has a fanmail address to send letters and such to? I found something on tumblr that said he posted an address a few years ago on his twitter but I'm having a bit of trouble knowing which one's are genuine? (Also I hope you're having a fan-friggin-tastic day, lovely! <3)

Oh, I’m terrible at answering this question. I’ve gotten it several times and I always forget what the right address is. Can anyone help me out?


compassionatedragon said: Isn't it time to forgive Jensen's pool, by now? I mean, the attempted murder was an isolated incident, really, and it's years in the past at this point.

That pool has never expressed remorse for its actions!