Anonymous said: What are your favorite strange pictures of Misha?

All of them. All of them are my favorite.

But this is one I’ve been thinking about lately (from here):

I love the composition, and I love how it captures the ideas of gentleness, strength and kindness, and I love how the yellow of the flowers is repeated in West’s shirt and the mural. West is holding the flowers, and Misha is holding West; it’s an illustration of a child learning kindness by example.

The picture was taken on Skid Row for AMOK 2014, which was a day of kind acts organized by Random Acts. Misha spread the word about a meetup in L.A. to give out things to the homeless people there, and he brought his family with him so that his children could learn how to be kind as well. (This post about it is really detailed.) Misha is keeping West safe but still letting him see the rougher side of life so he can learn how to help people.

It’s not really that strange, but it is beautiful. 


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Technically she didn’t work for NASA, she received a fellowship (funding for her research carried out at her institution) which was sponsored/funded by them.

Great, now all the academia fans are going to be correcting me.


How to troll your way to the top: A guide by Misha Collins

I forgot that Vicki Vantoch was a NASA Fellow in 2007-08 as well as a Guggenheim Fellow at the National Air and Space Museum in 2005. I don’t know much about the academic fields, but my understanding is that both of these are very prestigious fellowships. So maybe Vicki is like, whatever, I used to work here whatever, my institution received funding from NASA to conduct research so that’s kind of like working for NASA.

But this is the story of Misha trolling NASA into liking him, which is, come to think of it, also how he made friends with everyone he’s ever met.

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Anonymous said: Sorry I didn't mean that ask to be offensive or anything, I literally don't know much at all about any of the actors private lives beyond the odd thing I've learnt from a gifset on tumblr or a tweet, I've never actively searched information (I'm lazy lol). So I didn't actually know she was a "dr" (as in medical or PhD?) I was just making a nice comment based on her looks because that's literally all I know about her, not to purposely disregard her intelligence (or other attributes) in any way :)

I don’t know which of the comments you left, but I’m not offended by any of them. She is pretty, she is tall, and she is too curvy to meet Hollywood standards of what attractive women should look like. Why would I be offended by you pointing out facts? 

Quick primer on Vicki Vantoch: She has a PhD, and I’m not very knowledgeable about the field, but she seems to have had a very successful career; her undergraduate degree was from UChicago (like Misha), and her PhD was from USC, and those are both very prestigious universities; she’s written two books and numerous articles, she’s open about being bisexual and polyamorous, and she writes mostly about the history of gender and sexuality. Her writing is hilarious and very blunt, but in person she’s pretty shy; I’ve never seen her do any red carpet events with Misha and though she sometimes goes to conventions with him, he’s never pulled her out on stage (though he has invited other friends and family up there). 

I’ve been doing this for a while, and I get comments like that a lot about her. Occasionally, someone will say something actually offensive about her (such as in this really old thread from fanpop), but for the most part, I think people like it when an actor is married to a non-actor. I guess it’s intriguing! And if you just see a picture of her, of course your impressions are going to be formed entirely by her looks!

But imagine it from the other point of view. For years, in fact, Vicki’s career was pretty successful while Misha was struggling with his - and that’s not so weird, acting is tough to break in to. But for Vicki’s coworkers who didn’t know that they met in high school before Misha even knew that he wanted to be an actor, that might seem kind of strange to them. Maybe they would judge Misha by his looks as well. Maybe they would jump to the conclusion that he was unintelligent, just an empty-headed actor guy who was always working out. Maybe they thought he was just a stupid, annoying dude and they couldn’t figure out what Vicki saw in him. 

In an alternate universe where academics are considered more important than actors, maybe there’s a message board where one fan is saying, “How could she marry that guy? He doesn’t even have an advanced degree!” And another one says, “Have you seen his twitter? He can’t even spell!” And somebody else is defending him, saying, “Yes, he’s just an actor, and yes, he only has a BA, but if you talked to him, you’d find out that he’s actually pretty smart! Besides, she likes him, they’re happy, so what’s the problem? If we’re really Vicki’s fans, we should be supporting her choices!” 


Anonymous said: Wow Vicki is quite tall :) and very pretty!

Whenever I post a picture with Vicki, I get comments like this one, and comments like this other one that I got:

The best thing about Misha I think is Vicki. Looking at that pic at Nasa, Vicki isn’t perfectly skinny like other actors wives, she’s just normal.

I like to imagine the parallel to this, where people who know Vicki through her academic work see a picture of Misha, and either say, “Wow, Dr. Vantoch’s husband is hot! No wonder she married him,” or “Dr. Vantoch’s husband is kinda weird looking, but I heard he cooks and he’s good around the house, so I guess that explains it.”

Misha trolled NASA until they gave him a tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Fear him. This is a man who will stop at nothing.

Misha trolled NASA until they gave him a tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Fear him. This is a man who will stop at nothing.


Anonymous said: Misha mentioned in his Reddit AMA that his friend wrote a book, "We Are Not Ourselves." He was even flailing over it then, and of course he recommended it. It's not like it's some big cover up. My god, people really CAN find anything to get pissed off about, can't they? Sigh.

I mean, to be fair, not everyone who reads Misha’s Twitter or his Facebook even knew about his Reddit AMA. 


Anonymous said: What, so Misha went to uni with Matthew Thomas? Dislike. Strikes me a bit as a mild form of nepotism. Or, I don't know. I don't think I'd mind him advertising a book to his fans, especially if he actually enjoyed it, but leaving out that he knows the author- hm. I've read the book and of course I also noticed the strong similarities- I was even pondering to try and ask him at the book club if he felt personally adressed by the book, but decided against it cause I thought that'd be too personal.

Send Misha a strongly worded letter!

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diana6echo said: I know, I know! "Don't watch Karla" but I'm a movie addict. I will give it a try because I like to see fave actors in very different roles. And believe me, I've seen a lot of bad movies (not only those "poorly made" but also disturbing ones). I feel sorry for Misha and every other actor who had bad experiences but it also shows that making movie is not always "fun" and "easy work".

And that’s fine with me. I originally meant “Don’t watch Karla” as advice, like “I don’t recommend you watch it because it sucks and it’ll make you feel gross.” I didn’t mean to shame people who were curious about it or who had already seen it. Curiosity is normal and okay.

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for anyone who wanted to see the selfie misha took with me!!! if any of you guys have a video of it or photos you’ve uploaded please let me know :)image