Anonymous said: do you know where I can watch "20 things to do before you're 30"

Wow, that is really obscure Misha trivia. What brought that up?

So, here’s some information about “20 Things To Do Before You’re 30”, from the site Futon Critic:

20 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU’RE 30 (UPN) - Gloria Votsis (“Sex and the City”) has been confirmed as a cast member on the comedy pilot, about four twentysomething friends who create a list of 20 things they want to do before they are 30 and set out to accomplish them. She’ll play Natalie, the office manager, in the Touchstone Television/Tiger Aspect-based project, which also stars Liz Vassey, Heather Stephens, Bumper Robinson and Ezra Godden. Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland are the executive producers.
20 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU’RE 30 (UPN) - Liz Vassey (“The Tick”), Heather Stephens (“Men, Women & Dogs”), Bumper Robinson (“Living Single”) and Ezra Godden (“Band of Brothers”) have been named the principal cast members of the comedy pilot, about four twentysomething friends who create a list of 20 things they want to do before they are 30 and set out to accomplish them. Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland are behind the Touchstone Television/Tiger Aspect-based project, full character details of which weren’t specified.


20 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU’RE 30 (UPN, New!) - “King of the Hill” veterans Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland are looking to import the British comedy of the same name - about four twentysomething friends who create a list of 20 things they want to do before they are 30 and set out to accomplish them - for UPN. The netlet has given a pilot order to the project, which is set up at Touchstone Television. The news marks the second time the comedy has been developed for U.S. audiences, the first being by Conan O’Brien and Lester Lewis (“Happy Family”) for NBC in 2003 … Cohen and Freedland will write the pilot script and executive produce.

(Why did I do that in reverse chronological order?)

So it was a pilot that was ordered but never turned into a series. This happens a lot. Most networks will order about 20-30 pilots. They will only develop like 6 of them further into actual shows, and most of those shows will be canceled after airing a few episodes. I’d estimate that only about 5% of pilots become successful TV shows. The American TV business model is “Throw spaghetti at a wall and see if it sticks” as opposed to “Plan ahead.”

The pilot never aired, but it probably exists somewhere. I don’t know if Misha had a big role in it because he’s not listed as a main cast member.

As the Futon Critic website reports, this sitcom pilot was based on a British movie called “Things To Do Before You’re 30,” which was also turned into a TV movie in 2003. The Brit movie was based on a Dutch film called “All Stars.” Okay, do people not have original ideas anymore?

Some fun trivia for the Brit movie: the main character’s name is Cass. And this: “Colin (Bruce Mackinnon) is desperate to have a threesome even though he’s just started going out with the lovely Vicky (Billie Piper).”


misha in the random acts promo video


misha in the random acts promo video


Anonymous said: do you know what happened in the end with the rhino puzzle scavenger hunt thing?


the final winner was announced today, along with the prize for winning.  Members of Team 3 were declared the final winners, able to choose either to redeem their puzzle piece via mail in exchange for $53.21 in Canadian cash or to redeem their puzzle piece in person anytime in the next seven years for a cup of tea with Collins himself—an exciting prospect for any fan.


If you guys weren’t around in 2011 for the rhino hunt, this post (http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1269755.html) has a good summary.

In particular, note Misha’s instructions:

Now, because I am capricious and arbitrary, I have changed the rules already. I said the first 200 people to respond could go on to the next round, but that’s bullshit. I lied. Everyone can go on to the next round. … (There is no team 6. I lied about that too.)



Anonymous said: Porque Misha largou a White House e resolveu investir em LA, no mundo de Hollywood? Como ele aprendeu a atuar e se tornar o que hoje ele é? (uma foto minha nu caso conseguir responder em português, bjs).

Por favor, não me passar fotos nuas. Eu não entendo muito Português. Eu uso o Google Translate.

Misha internado à White House, porque ele queria ter o trabalho de um político para tornar o mundo melhor. No entanto, ele descobriu que as pessoas que trabalham na política não interessados em fazer do mundo um lugar melhor.

Quando ele estava vivendo na costa leste dos EUA próxima da capital, Misha fundou uma empresa de software, mas ele fez pouco dinheiro. Ele encontrou dois trabalhos ator facilmente. Ele fez mais dinheiro ser um ator do que trabalhar com computadores. Ele pensou que poderia ser um ator e ganhar dinheiro, ficar famoso, e usar essa fama e dinheiro para melhorar o mundo. O sucesso foi mais difícil do que pensei Misha.

Misha disse isso em sua recente entrevista com Aisha Tyler. É em Inglês: http://girlonguy.net/podcast/girl-on-guy-125-misha-collins/

The question is about how and why Misha went from the White House to acting. I can find many interviews with Misha on the subject, but I don’t know if any of them have been translated into Portuguese! If any of my readers can translate into Portuguese, I can write transcripts of audio or video interviews in English. I know Supernatural is very popular in Brazil and that many con videos and interviews have been subtitled in Portuguese, but I couldn’t find any of Misha talking about this particulars subject. 


Anonymous said: Why are you so fucking rude to people who ask you questions? There's a way of answering people and honey you're honestly fucking terrible at it. Stop being so rude or you'll lose all your followers.

Go fuck yourself.


Anonymous said: Seperate anon here, new to the spn world. Do you know why Misha and his wife picked the middle name for West? I do not even know how to say it haha. But he is adorable!

It’s pronounced “Anaximander.”

Anaximander (who lived around 610 - 546 BC) was one of the earliest Greek philosophers. Little is known about his life or work and none of his writing survives except for one quote, included by Simplicius of Cilicia, around 530 AD, or about 1,000 years after Anaximander lived, only Ancient Greek doesn’t use quotation marks so nobody knows if it’s a direct quotation or a paraphrase and where it begins or ends. So, in short, nothing is known about him.

As for West’s first name, when Larry King asked why he named him West, Misha replied, “I don’t know.”


Anonymous said: Hey, can you tell me how old was Misha when he started acting TV/Movies? What was he first work?

Is IMDB down?

… no, it’s not.


Anonymous said: I've heard the story behind West's middle name 'Anaximander,' but do you know if there's a story behind Misha choosing West's first name?

… behind Misha choosing West’s first name? What is his wife, chopped liver?


Anonymous said: Same "last name" anon as before. I really can't believe Misha is wrong about his own grandmother's last name. Obviously Collins IS a last name on his mother's side of the family. An explanation possibly is that his grandmother was first married to a Willsey, adopted his name, became Dorris Roberta Willsey from Dorris Roberta Collins, before she married Misha's grandfather Tippens.

I’ll bet you $50 that Misha is wrong.

(It’s okay; I live in Nevada!)


Anonymous said: Hi! In the latest interview with Aisha Tyler, Misha said that Collins was his mother's mother's maiden name and Tippens was his mother's last name. I mention this because I think somewhere on your blog I read that his maternal grandmother's name was different. Sorry if I misremembered!

ooh, interview with Aisha Tyler? Where?!

Awesome! I’ll listen to it later.

And I know that Misha says Collins is his “mother’s mother’s maiden name,” but he’s wrong. His mother’s mother’s maiden name was Dorris Roberta Willsey. “Collins” is his brother’s middle name, however.