Anonymous said: Man, we have really gotta stop sharing videos. This is like the second post in the vegascon tag I've found in five minutes that has been like 'con people suck' 'con people are desperate stalking weirdos'. God damn, talk about getting punched by the guy that you just handed a sandwich.

Nobody is making anyone take videos or share them. 

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Basically a play-by-play of how it happened. 

Permission from the artist, the incredible yanagoya to reveal the piece I had as my background. 

For the original post with all the pictures of Misha and the dialogue we exchanged, go here!

I told y’all it was mild. And again, he snooped through my phone while I was on stage and he found it. I wasn’t trying to make him uncomfortable. Either way we both had a lot of laughs about it and he hugged me. I suggest reading the original post I wrote. 


darthvadersenpai said: What was your VegasCon2013 experience like? If you don't mind me asking?

Nothing really happened. I did have a miserable time but it was mostly for reasons that weren’t the fault of the convention itself, just unfortunate circumstances really: I was working graveyard shift in a really stressful job, I went by myself (which I really don’t recommend, if you go, go with friends), I have an anxiety disorder that can make it difficult for me to deal with crowds and strangers, and I’m really sensitive to blood glucose changes (turns out that it’s kind of tough to get low GI food at a convention).

This year I have a new (awesome) job with a normal schedule, my medication is working much better, and I know to pack some food. But I still decided not to go.

I wrote about it here, but the short version is that I don’t think that cons are really fun unless you buy Gold Tickets and those sell for upwards of $500 and I just can’t justify spending that much on it. 

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castielsconvictions said: Hey to the anon, my husband and I found the video for Fireman Biddle. The video is NOT on the internet as its only accessible by certain military members. I do however have the video and will be releasing it during the weekend of Dallas Con.



Anonymous said: Hey there, do you know where we can find the "Fireman Biddle" safety video Misha was talking about at VegasCon? Thanks!!!

Well, first of all, while I actually am in Vegas at this very moment, it’s because I live here. I didn’t attend the con.* So I don’t really know what Misha said or what he’s talking about. However, I bet someone who reads this knows and can help you out.

*My experience at VegasCon 2013 was such that I decided not to attend this year.


VegasCon, Supernatural, and the ADA


Quick background: My friend “H” has epilepsy and for those of you who don’t know, flashing lights can cause a seizure. “H” is on a limited income due to her disability but she managed to save up some money to travel from Utah to Vegas to attend VegasCon with some of our other friends. Unfortunately, once she got there, she realized that she wouldn’t be able to attend any of the panels because of the flash photography happening in the rooms. The organizers of the event, Creation Entertainment, haven’t offered any solutions other than just giving her a refund and barring her from attending VegasCon entirely. Seems to me like an event this big would be prepared to accommodate people with a disability but apparently not.

Pasted below is a letter that another friend, Liz, sent to Creation Entertainment. Please feel free to reblog this, share it on Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

Dear Creation Entertainment,
I am currently at the SPN Vegas Convention with a group of friends. One of my friends has epilepsy. She arrived for the con yesterday (Friday) and realized soon into her first panel that she would not be able to sit in the room where all of the panels are because the flash photography from the other fans could easily trigger a seizure for her. She moved into the hall and spoke with a couple of different volunteers and at least one Creation staff member who told her that unfortunately, there’s nothing that they can do. I understand that she was offered a refund - but with the understanding that she then couldn’t attend the rest of the convention.

I came in today and myself found a Creation staffer who was already familiar with the situation (I don’t have her name, but she was at registration) and she told me again - there’s nothing they can do. My friend is welcome to sit in the hall outside the room so she can hear the panels, though. If the hall outside were a vaccuum, this might be a good solution, but unfortunately, this is the same hall where people queue up for autographs and photo ops. I went back to registration again and the staffer and I tried to brainstorm some ideas that might be feasible, but I was again told, there’s nothing we can do.

We expressed surprise that flash photograpy is allowed because it’s not at most conventions and the staffer, “Well, it’s a con, that’s what fans do, they take pictures.”

My friend saved a lot of money to purchase tickets to this convention - she traveled on a bus to Las Vegas from Salt Lake City. I understand that this situation may not have arisen before and I understand that it’s out of the ordinary, but I do not think that we are out of line for expecting this convention to accomodate my friend’s disability in some way. I offered the possible solutions of seeing if she could sit in an adjoining room (where it would be quiet) with a door open or possibly sitting behind the “curtains” around the stage where the flashes would not be evident, but was told that neither of those are possible. My friend was told the only way she can receive money back is if she does not continue to attend the convention - that’s the opposite of what she wants. She is here to enjoy the convention, the fans, the panels, and everything else and her disability shouldn’t prevent that from happening.

I went into the hall for Misha’s panel and at the very end was called out for a “medical emergency” - my friend had had a seizure out in the hallway. I ran out to her and sat with her for a few minutes until she felt well enough to go back to our room to rest for a little while. During that time, I was told by a volunteer that “they had called someone.” However, no one came by to check on her except for a fellow attendee who is a medical assistant. Quite frankly, I don’t find this acceptable regardless of the previous events.

My friend doesn’t want me to make a fuss - she would prefer to just try to get through the rest of the convention and enjoy her time here. However, I still think this is a situation you should be aware of. I think you should have plans to deal with it in the future. I think you should have some idea of how you will handle disabled fans who want to attend conventions and might need special considerations because of flash photography concerns.

If you have any questions, you can reply to this email or contact me at [redacted].

Thank you for your time.


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Anonymous said: I"m so curious about Misha's natural hair color. Like, I understand that blonde kids' hair often darkens to brown, especially around puberty. But Misha's hair doesn't seem to have gotten dark until well into adulthood. Was he dyeing it blonde? Is he dyeing it brown? Hmm.

I think this is one of those questions that will be debated through the ages, like free will or the existence of God. I mean. what is color? Color is a subjective phenomenon. How can I ever know if your red is the same as my red? How would you explain Misha’s hair color to someone who was born blind? And can any living creatire like Misha be truly said to have permanence? What is the meaning of the word “is” in the question ”What color is Misha’s hair?” Misha’s hair is made up of individual follicles that grow and then die. His hair is not the same from one week to the next. Over time, in fact, it must be completely replaced by new follicles. If each individual hair has its own separate life and death, cam we truly say that it is a part of Misha? But all of Misha’s cells are created, live and die separately from Misha himself. How long does it take for the collection of cells we call “Misha” to be replaced by a completely new group of cells? Is Misha one organism himself, or is he a collective of millions of single-celled organisms? And if that’s true, then is it possible for large collections of single-celled organisms to be in fact one single organism? Many scientists consider the entire ant colony to be a single organism instead of the individual ants. Humans build interdependent collectives as well. Are humans one giant organism? Can we truly function independently? If I were to sever Misha’s finger from his hand, the individual cells of his finger would continue to live until, cut off from their supply of oxygen and nutrients, they die off one by one. Misha’s body is a system that delivers the necessities of life to each cell. If we were abruptly cut off from Mother Earth, we too would quickly strangle and die without the elements and protection given to us by our planet. Are we not all one global organism? Then, are we not all one? If on part of the body is sick, is not the entire body sick? We are all Misha, then, and Misha is us.

Also, you can check out these links: http://strangepicturesofmishacollins.tumblr.com/post/53933483672/is-blonde-his-natural-colour-did-he-dye-it-dark and http://strangepicturesofmishacollins.tumblr.com/post/44709197189/ok-so-what-the-hell-goes-on-with-mishas-hair-bc-that 


Anonymous said: I wanted to respond to your lazy eye post but was unable to do so. As someone with lazy eye (strabismus), I am very attuned to when people have it. I have NEVER noticed it with Misha. Strabismus is a birth defect and as for me, I have undergone two surgeries and a childhood full of therapy. I have also been the target of endless teasing, insults and hurtful, ignorant remarks from children and adults. I'm sorry to vent, but I just wish people would realize it is not a joke but something serious.

I originally wrote a thing about how “lazy eye” could refer to strabismus, amblyopia or unilateral ptosis, but I deleted it because I realized I was uncomfortable trying to guess if someone has a medical condition based on his appearance. It doesn’t seem fair, you know?

If you Google “lazy eye celebrities,” or a variation of that, you’ll get lists of famous people who look slightly cross-eyed in one picture. I guess the general public doesn’t understand what these conditions are. You probably have a lot of experience with that!

Actors are subjected to close scrutiny of their physical appearance, but they also get crap for getting cosmetic surgery or trying to cover up flaws. You can’t win trying to play that game.


Anonymous said: I've always been curious if it's just me, or does misha have a bit of a lazy eye?

I actually wrote a thing and then deleted it because I grew uncomfortable with the level of scrutiny we’re applying to someone’s physical appearance.

If you’re asking if Misha’s eyes have a medical condition, I have to say that I’ve never heard him mention anything. I doubt that any person ever born has had a completely symmetrical face. Everyone I’ve ever seen has had two eyes that don’t quite match.

And people with eye conditions, even conditions that have no negative effect on how well they function, can be teased a lot. I have something called Marcus Gunn jaw-wink ptosis. When I chew or move my jaw a certain way, one eyelid blinks involuntarily (like this). I was mocked for this when I was a kid, but it’s not harmful at all. It’s just a thing my eye does.

You know what else is interesting about symmetry? If all our faces are asymmetric, then the image we see in the mirror is not our true face. Conversely,  the way we see other people is not how they see themselves; they’re more used to the mirror image than the true image.

While watching Supernatural season 9 episode 3, I noticed that Misha looked very different in the shot than what I’m used to. I realized that was because it was a mirror image of his face. In other words, this is what Misha sees when he looks in the mirror:

Well, you know, he’s usually not dressed as homeless Castiel.

Kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?


Anonymous said: - I searched for it on your blog but didn't find anything so I've got good hope you haven't answered this already - When Misha has talked about his childhood and especially about the time they were homeless it often sounded like it was just him, his brother and his mother. Do you know where his father was? Did his parents split up? Thanks for answering, your blog and dedication to it is marvelous.

Yeah, Misha’s parents split up. See this post for links to Misha talking about his dad: http://strangepicturesofmishacollins.tumblr.com/post/49478564025/ive-put-some-thought-into-that-as-well-im-not