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Anonymous said: There are two questions that have been bothering me for a while, and since you're, like, the most proficient Misha expert in Tumblr town I thought you might have some enlightening opinions. 1) The most common accusation that is made towards Misha is that he is narcissistic and/or full of himself. What do you think about that? 2) Why do you think is Misha publicizing his children so much? Other celebrities try to shield theirs from the public, why doesn't he? Thanks in advance.

I don’t think I can answer either of these questions. These are very subjective matters, and I have no special insight into Misha’s private thoughts.

However, if these are indeed “common accusations” made against Misha, then I recommend that you take a step back to consider the bug picture.

When I consider criticism of public figures, I often like to compare the criticisms and accusations of their most vocal detractors to the defenses used by their loudest fans. They often disagree on the facts, but if they both agree about something, then it has been pretty well established. And I also think it’s important to take a look at a person’s entire life story to take into account all of the circumstances.

But that does take a long time, so here’s a shortcut for you: let’s say that it’s true that Misha is full of himself and he is exploiting his kids by putting their pictures online. Neither of those things are big deals. The worst harm anyone could claim could result from that is that his kids might suffer from some negative effects later in life (though what’s the worst-case scenario here? Embarrassment? I’m honestly not sure).

Another thing to consider is how common this kind of behavior is. Being self-centered or full of yourself is very common. Most parents with Internet access share pictures and videos of their kids online to some degree.

If this is the worst that anybody can accuse him of, then he’s a very good person indeed. I mean, so many famous people have a history of doing really terrible things. See this article about famous men who committed domestic abuse: I wouldn’t waste time wondering about the little stuff when we’ve got bigger problems.


scott-holder said: Misha seems very smart. Would know anything about *how* smart he his? Like his IQ or any other more elaborate details?

Well, considering that Misha got into the University of Chicago, my guess for his IQ would probably be in the 130-140 range. SAT and ACT scores correspond pretty closely with IQ tests, and most of the students admitted to U Chicago have scores in the 95th to 99th percentile. Of course, this is just a guess. I don’t think it means more than his hat size or height; it’s just a measurement of one aspect of who he is.



I am so done with this argument. Luckily for me, someone else has already explained why this is stupid.

Common sense here — who cares if its “incredibly dark brown” versus “black”. Various factors, ranging anywhere from the screens we view Misha’s images on to flaws in people’s eyes can be affecting the depth of color viewers perceive.

I only brought it up because I usually think fans arguing over colors is hilarious, but now I’m getting tired of it. I thought it was pretty funny watching some Last Airbender fans argue about what color Zuko’s eyes are.

Frankly, I just don’t care whether it’s dark brown or black. It’s darkish, not too glossy. I just like how it looks when it’s all mussed up.

You asked for it

Dean ran his fingers through Castiel’s sexy raven hair.

You asked for it

Dean ran his fingers through Castiel’s sexy raven hair.

Anonymous said: Hair that looks black is just very dark dark brown, it might look black but its brown. It's one of the first things they teach us at beauty school.

I don’t know, anon. From Wikipedia’s “Human hair color” page:

Two types of pigment give hair its color: eumelanin and pheomelanin. Pheomelanin colors hair orange and yellow. All humans have some pheomelanin in their hair. Eumelanin, which has two subtypes of black or brown, determines the darkness of the hair color. A low concentration of brown eumelanin results in blond hair, whereas a higher concentration of brown eumelanin will color the hair brown. High amounts of black eumelanin result in black hair, while low concentrations give gray hair.

Pheomelanin is more chemically stable than black eumelanin, but less chemically stable than brown eumelanin, so it breaks down more slowly when oxidized. This is why bleach gives darker hair a reddish tinge during the artificial coloring process. As the pheomelanin continues to break down, the hair will gradually become orange, then yellow, and finally white.

The article on black hair also says, “Black hair is the darkest and most common of all human hair colors globally.” I mean, if you can’t trust Wikipedia, what can’t you trust?!

How about the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology? They published a study with an abstract that begins, “Hair colour is one of the most conspicuous phenotypes in humans, ranging from black, brown, blond to red. This diversity arises mostly from the quantity and ratio of the black-dark brown eumelanin and the reddish-brown pheomelanin.”

But if you actually know a lot about physics, you’ll know that true black would absorb all light and reflect none. I don’t think that would look very flattering, but that doesn’t matter because this doesn’t exist in nature. Probably the closest you could come to it would be to leave the earth’s atmosphere and look at an apparently blank bit of space.


mishas-sexhair said: Mainly i think (as a hair stylist and avid reader of Destiel/Cockles fanfics) that... he ran his hands through his raven locks Just sounds so much better than he ran his hands through his locks which were a natural base color 3! Just not sexy!

Somebody photoshop a raven on Castiel’s head.


Anonymous said: Are there any news about Misha in whose line is it anyway because it became kinda confusing and I looked it up and found nothing about it. Since he deleted the tweet with Aisha, there is no sign that he will be in the show. Sorry for bothering you. <3

I don’t think they’ve officially announced anything yet, and I don’t see anything on reliable TV listing websites. (Plenty of websites allow users to submit info that could be based on speculation.) But if you look closely at the picture that Misha tweeted and deleted …

… you can see that they’re both wearing lapel mics.

So yes, my guess is that they were filming an episode when he took that picture. However, this is just speculation. You’ll just have to wait until they’ve announced all the guests for season 2 to know for sure. (Or tweet Aisha and ask her. Maybe she’ll answer.)


To the guy who just messaged me: please send me an email to leagentsex at gmail dot com. (You can make a fake email address pretty easily if you need to.) I have 16K followers, and I don’t think any of us would be happy talking about this where they can read it!

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