Anonymous asked: (About your last answer) Do you keep watching Supernatural? Looks like you are very angry about the show after season 5. This include season nine too?

I’m not angry at all. I just don’t think the writing is of good quality. I haven’t bothered watching most of season 9. I lost interest after Castiel got his grace back. Cas being human felt like the only character development that the show had left to explore (I feel like Dean and Sam’s storylines are retreads of previous plots), and when they jettisoned that, I was just like, “Eh.”


Anonymous asked: I've seen a few people mention/theorize that Hannah is going to be Cas's new vessel for some reason - probably because they have a similar look. PLEASE tell me you think that's unlikely.. because the thought of keeping Cas but losing Misha makes me ill, since he IS Cas. They wouldn't really get rid of Misha, would they?

It might actually be good for Misha to leave Supernatural and pursue other projects. I’d like to see him have creative control over a show; I think he’d make a fantastic combination head writer/actor. That’s probably not possible with Supernatural, which headquarters in LA but shoots in Vancouver.

Misha is definitely an asset to the cast, but on the other hand, the show has gotten lazy and boring and hasn’t been good since Season 5. In my opinion, it’s a horse with a lame leg that needs to be put down.* I don’t think any show can produce 23 one-hour episodes a year for 9 years and still have any steam left. Sooner or later, you’re going to run out of ideas. Five seasons should be the maximum length of any scripted show.**

However, you clearly want Misha to stay on the show. I do have some words of comfort for you. Approximately 100% of fan theories that you read on the internet are wrong. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry about the Hannah-as-Cas theory.

Secondly, if you look closely, you’ll notice that Hannah is a woman on Supernatural. This means that she will die (likely in a fire). Also, the fans will hate her, and if the actress gets invited to Conventions, she’ll be asked questions like “What does Misha smell like?”

*No animals were harmed in the making of this metaphor. Please direct angry correspondence to the CW Network 3300 W. Olive Avenue Burbank CA 91505.

** Angry Doctor Who fans, please direct your correspondence to Steven Moffatt Berlin Associates 7 Tylers Gate London SE1 3HX UK.



[x] Misha, West & Maison at the All-Star Lunch

I tottaly did a double take on the 4th picture because I thought West was flipping off the camera.

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About Ty Olsson at Vegascon 2014

(If you don’t know what this is referring to, read these posts in order: “Ty Olsson Gets Too Cute and Cuddly at Vegas Supernatural Convention,” “Supernatural’s Ty Olsson lost a fan and here’s why,” and “Ty Olsson Official Response.”)

I thought I’d go ahead and release a preliminary report on the Ty situation. I’ve interviewed several people and saved lots of first-hand accounts and other evidence like photos and videos. I’m still in the process of sorting through them and securing permission to link to or use them. This might take a while.

However, I can tell you what I’ve found out in general.

Yes,some fans are saying that Ty Olsson kissed them on the mouth without their consent. Some said that he licked and/or touched them (in a sexual manner and otherwise) without their consent. These fans reported significant negative emotional fallout. Other fans said that Ty kissed and/or touched them with their consent. Some fans said that the consensual kissing and his flirtatious behavior was a very enjoyable positive experience and the highlight of the con; others said that they consented but later regretted their actions and reported it as a very negative experience.

(Cut for length.)

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Anonymous asked: U really have a hatred towards Jensens pool, don't you

I’m not apologizing for that. Jensen’s pool tried to kill West.

Why is Misha wearing eyeliner and a wedding dress, you ask? Well, he and his wife were renewing their vows in an Albertsons grocery store, of course.
(This edit is so crappy that Misha must have made it himself.)

Why is Misha wearing eyeliner and a wedding dress, you ask? Well, he and his wife were renewing their vows in an Albertsons grocery store, of course.

(This edit is so crappy that Misha must have made it himself.)


Anonymous asked: Hi could you answer that ask about charity? I would really like to know your thoughts on that

Ha! Do you mean this anonymous question I got?

"Since we are talking about money.. I hare how celebrities ask their fans to donate to charity. You are the one with money.."

Sure, I’ll answer it, but pro-tip: if you really want an answer, log in instead if asking on anon. I’m much more likely to answer privately.

My thoughts are that I’d much rather that money goes to charity instead of to Jensen Ackles’ pool. I don’t think that the motive for giving really matters; if it’s a good cause, then it’s still doing good.

Humans aren’t good at caring about or understanding a problem unless it’s affecting them or their friends/family. I think it’s an evolutionary drive to protect your group/tribe first and ignore outsiders. But celebrities, even though we don’t really know them, still seem like our friends. So when they make a personal appeal for a cause, it really helps people start to care about something.

I honestly think that Misha’s charity work has done an incredible amount of good in the world. It’s not so much what he’s done himself or things that Random Acts has done; he’s using his celebrity platform to teach fans how to care about things like homelessness and poverty. When he basically uses his presence as a bribe to get people to show up at Skid Row and hand out things, the big impact isn’t just the little bit of kindness that the people in need received; it’s also all the fans who actually went out and spoke to homeless people and walked around with them and interacted with them. They’re learning to think about homelessness not as an abstraction but as something that affects real people that they’ve met and talked to.

So I don’t have a problem with celebrities asking for donations. I do have a problem when these donations are misused or squandered, which has happened. I think it’s a much better idea to donate to a charity in honor of a celebrity instead of giving them gifts directly. I don’t, however, understand why some people give celebs credit for something their fans did. And I don’t like it when actors use their fans’ generosity to make themselves look good.


Anonymous asked: We don't have swear jars in Germany, which could be the reason for the misunderstanding. And yes, Ty and Rick were drinking real alcohol during their panels. On the last day one of the attendees even brought them a whole bag full of different kinds of alcohol, sth I didn't like very much, but one of the staff took it away from them in the middle of the panel. So, they basically got their drinks from the fans as a 'joke'!

Well, the idea is that having to pay a small amount of money every time you swear will help you break the habit. It’s supposed to be a mild punishment. It’s negative reinforcement - no wait, that’s probably not the right term. A labeled jar, like a mason jar, holds the money. Once the jar is full, it goes to pay for a treat for the whole family or it gets donated to charity or something.

Both adults and kids use swear jars. (In “The New Girl,” one of the characters has to put a twenty in the “Douchebag Jar” if he says something particularly insensitive.) I think it’s mostly associated with parents trying to teach (or model) good habits to their kids. The problem is that some clever kids don’t see paying the money as a punishment but a transaction. So they figure that they can buy the right to curse without getting into trouble. The kids that think this way go on to be successful adults.

I’ve seen pictures of Rick Worthy and Ty trying to drink straight from this beer keg on stage. I know that they play it up for the crowd, but I’m pretty sure that they were still drinking at least a little. I’m confused as to how the cons can have a no alcohol policy for their guests when it’s so flagrantly violated.


Anonymous asked: Hi, I was also at the Aecon in Germany last year and as far as I remember didn't Ty give the boy money to buy drinks, but as a kind if swear jar. But he gave to young women money for rum & coke or beer. He and Rick Worthy were indeed very drunk, but they didn't act inappropriate as far as I know.

Oh yeah, that makes sense. I could see how someone could misunderstand what Ty was doing, especially if they’re ESL speakers (likely, in Germany) and Ty gave money to three different people for two different reasons. And Ty did the swear jar thing in Vegas as well. (Do you guys have swear jars in Germany?) A simple misunderstanding!

Were he and Rick Worthy actually drinking actual alcohol during the panel? Do the actors do this at Rogue Event cons?

From video I’ve seen of JIBcon (which isn’t Rogue Events but run by a different org, I think), it seems like the whiskey that Jensen was drinking during one panel was actually whiskey. He didn’t seem drunk, but he did seem to get increasingly relaxed and less inhibited as the panel went on, as well as goofier, like he had a slight buzz going.