Red Carpet Swag

Doing this project, I have really come to appreciate Misha’s fashion sense, especially the clothes he chooses for public appearances. Because he knows he’s going to be on a red carpet, he knows he’s in front of a crowd; this isn’t something he’s thrown on the way to the grocery store or a “I’m jet-lagged and I don’t care anymore” convention outfit. This is what he wears when he wants to look nice.

Like at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Oooh, Red Carpet! What should he wear? I know!

A shirt with a red and blue stitched pattern that I can’t even make out (dogs? flowers?) and a light-blue velvet jacket. It’s fancy; he’s got dress shoes on!

Dress up? Fuck no, this is Comic Con. He’s gonna wear boots, jeans, one of them fancy belt-buckles, a beach bum t-shirt and his nice dark blue button-up. Tuck in his shirt? Shave? Comb his hair? This is Misha fucking Collins, he doesn’t do that shit.

And a Maxim party. Maxim means hot babes. (Right? I always just associate Maxim with hot babes.) Is he gonna get dressed up for that? No, he’s going to wear the same thing, only he replaced the solid blue button-up with a blue striped button-up and threw on a suit jacket with a subtle checked pattern. Fancy.

And hey, this is a party for the SyFy network, right? Science fiction = aliens = Marvin the Martian t-shirt. Hey, he threw on a jacket - actually, he threw on two jackets because if there’s one thing he’s learned from Supernatural it’s that hot guys wear a lot of jackets. He’s also wearing Chuck Taylors, because he’s Misha fucking Collins and he doesn’t give a shit. 

I know this is Comic Con, but people dress up for this, especially women. Not Misha Collins, of course. Misha Collins is going to put a blue button-up short sleeved shirt over his Wonder Woman t-shirt and stick his tongue out at a photographer. Because he can, ladies and gentlemen. He can.

Oh my god, he’s actually wearing a tie! Didn’t tuck his shirt in, but he’s actually wearing a tie! I’m not actu-


You can make Misha Collins wear a tie, but you can’t make him wear it right.