Anonymous said: I think the mishapocalypse picture was very unflattering. And yet strangely it was the one that got me into the Misha Collins and later SPN fandom. It seems like I'm attracted to strange looking men. Though I'm not complaining that he turned out to be rather good looking. I'm more attracted to he's weird nature and personality, and charitable work.

I don’t think it’s so much “unflattering” as scary. His face looks nice, but the blank expression matched with the eye contact is pretty creepy. Very Paul Bernardo with better hair.

Personally, I prefer interesting-looking people over pretty people, which is probably why I prefer Misha to Jensen, even though I acknowledge that Jensen is prettier. Maybe if he had an eyepatch or shaved his head or something. I thought he was very interesting-looking in “Ten Inch Hero.”

(And the Mishapocalypse has definitely lead to an increase of his fandom here on Tumblr. I’ve noticed both my followers and the reblog numbers on certain posts going way up.)